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Since 1959, your trustworthy partner in Spain for exclusive premium investment assets and services.

At Rimontgó Invest we support our clients to find and realize unique investment opportunities that are handled through private sales.
These mainly involve the acquisition of medium to large assets of various kinds: e.g. residential or office buildings, wineries, historical landmark properties as well as a variety of ongoing businesses such as hotels, Senior residences, private schools, solar collectors fields, etc. with all of them based on real estate assets, where our experience is expansive and stands out above the rest.

Despite diversity in the type of assets, we are very selective in their quality requirements and only focus on what we call hidden gems: unique assets that not only ensure value sustainability thanks to their location, history, intrinsic quality or comparative advantage, but which also offer unmatched possibilities to upgrade mid-term economic potential and yield.

The mission of Rimontgó Invest can be summarised as a triple commitment:

  • To unearth the hidden gems that meet our client's requirements.

  • To uncover their latent value-added potential after a thorough analysis.

  • To help realise that potential by providing our clients the customised local support that they may require during all phases of the investment life cycle.

Why Spain?

An ideal investment destination offering legal protection and unique advantages that translate into sustainable value to local and foreign investors.

Why Now?

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, several non-structural reasons come together to create the best window of opportunity in decades to purchase premium assets.

Why Us?

Since 1959, international investors have relied on our expertise to discover Spain’s trophy assets.
Ribes Bas Brothers

“If you are an investor considering investing in Spain, we will be honoured to have the opportunity to show you, in action, what our words truly mean”.
Antonio and José Ribes Bas
Owners of Rimontgó Invest

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