The art of investment

Cuatro Torres Business Area Madrid, Spain
No two investment projects are the same. A “hidden gem” may be found in the middle of the dessert while often what shines brightly in the open is not necessarily gold.
Furthermore, this reduced senior team —five experienced and broad-minded experts— is supported by a back-office of about 20 international and multilingual staff devoted to providing high added value support.

This is important because the kind of exclusive know-how that we are talking about goes far beyond “technical” competence and mainly consists in the ability to “see” the full picture and to identify value.

At the end of the day, what really makes a difference to our clients and what defines exclusivity are valuable attributes that are difficult to scale-up.

Our commitment in this aspect is:

  • To recognise that each client is unique and to make sure that his interest is always placed at the center.
  • To deliver a balanced combination of talent, professionalism and experience to identify and properly consider all critical factors relevant to the investment project.
At Rimontgó Invest we are very selective in the types of assets that we look for.

What is a hidden gem? In Rimontgó we define it as: a premium asset that possesses scarce, non-replicable and durable valuable attributes.Whether it is due to their location, history, brand, technology or other intrinsic qualities, these assets hold substantial added value potential.
Because they remain in high demand, throughout time they can typically be sold easily to acheive profits.

These assets represent excellent investment opportunities because they are hidden insofar as both their availability (for investment or purchase) and the significant latent value that they hold (or that can be created around them) is exclusive information known to a very few.

Most often their owners opt for a selective private sale channel to place these hidden gems on the market.

After listening carefully to our clients to fully understand their expectations, the mission of Rimontgó Invest can be summarized as a triple commitment:

  • to unearth the hidden gems that meet their requirements;
  • to uncover after their latent value-added potential; and
  • finally to help realise that potential by providing our clients with the customised local support that they may require during all phases of the investment life cycle.
Reputation, values and anticipation
Since 1959, we have done our best to satisfy or exceed the expectations of our clients. And that begins with a particular style and an attitude that reflects on every aspect of what we do. Our aspiration is to add value through a personal service that our clients can perceive and appreciate from the very first minute. However, a road must lead somewhere and we are aware that reputation comes from the fulfillment of a promise, not from a promise itself.

We live in a globalised world that is too complex and uncertain to fit into a spread sheet or to be regulated only by written contracts.
In such a world it is far easier to make promises than to deliver.
For this reason, we consider our reputation to be our most precious treasure. A treasure that provides a deep sense of pride and personal satisfaction to the member of the “extended family” at Rimontgó Invest.
But also a strength that in a sector where personal trust is paramount, confers a very practical competitive advantage:
the ability to reach wider and deeper through a network of contacts in Spain that we have built since 1959, and that has granted us access to places that only a few can reach, and where hidden gems can most likely be found.
We believe in ethics and values that stand the test of time.
And this applies at all times because even if we can, neither choose, nor control the external circumstances we face, we can always decide how to react before them.

We are convinced that dignified behavior is value-based and not interest-based.

At Rimontgó Invest, we are convinced that reputation is the single most valuable and distinguishing quality of our company. From 1959, the Ribes family has proudly abided by a simple motto: “the power of truth” and the “value of the given word”.

Consistency on values is the main reason that explains why we have been able to withstand the various economic crises during the past six decades.
Truly human values are timeless.

In a complex and fast changing world the only reasonable perspective for an investor is a dynamic one, solidity can only be achieved through anticipation.

At Rimontgó Invest, we believe that the best way to create or to preserve value is by anticipation and through innovation. This idea which is firmly engraved into the behavior of the Ribes family was already apparent from the very beginning when Don José Ribes Bas (grandfather), founder of Rimontgó, started bringing in the 1950s foreign capital to build mansions on the beautiful Spanish Mediterranean coast of Jávea. Few could anticipate back them that Mr. Ribes was in fact pioneering of what later became Spain: the synonymous of world tourism!
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