A safe and convenient country for investment
Spain is governed under an advanced law system that offers the highest standard of legal protection and effective security to all real estate investments.
But there is much more than just security that would justify choosing Spain as an investment destination.
  • No intra-Community tariffs.
  • Free movement of goods and services, capital and people.
  • Single currency —the Euro— shared with most of Continental Europe.
  • Monetary policy implemented by the independent Central European Bank.

Furthermore, Spain has a number of unique economic advantages of its own:

  • An attractive knowledge-based economy with a highly qualified, yet competitive, workforce.
  • A competitive business environment that can be used not only to directly access the 500 million people in the EU but also as
  • a convenient gateway to Latin America and Northern Africa.
  • Nowadays, Spain is the country showing the highest GDP growth.
Their recipe for an unsurpassed quality of life relies in achieving a unique blend of tradition and innovation, spiced up with a deeply rooted passion for life. And this has a direct translation into the fundamentals that make for an excellent investment environment.
A country blessed with a natural beauty in everyone of its 52 provinces.
  • Beautiful landscape and mild weather.
  • Warm and friendly people.
  • Finest gastronomy, with the largest number of restaurants ranked amongst the top ten in the world.
  • Top quality universal health system.
  • Safest amongst the safest: Spain is the third European country with the lowest crime rate.
  • Spaniards are ranking second in life expectancy, after the Japanese.
  • Spain is the preferred country by European exchange students and it is the highest ranked by the community of expats according to statistics.
  • Longest high-speed rail network in Europe.
  • Excellent motorways all over the country.
  • Clean water treatment plants.
  • Airports in major cities.
  • Valencia harbor ranks number one in the Mediterranean.
  • Public urban transportation.
behind the US, with Spain having a population six times smaller and is also twenty times smaller in surface area. Indeed, every year Spain attracts a number of visitors that truly exceeds its population of 47 million (68 million visitors last year).

This could arguably be attributed to:

  • The natural beauty and diversity of its landscape.
  • Cultural diversity and traditions.
  • World famous museums.
  • Historic and modern architecture.
  • Varied and healthy gastronomy.

Or perhaps it has much to do with the welcoming Spaniards’ character and their captivating way of life that makes Spain so unique.

Whatever the reason may be, it is no surprise that the World Tourism Organization's headquarters are based in Madrid, and that Spain has the second highest number (39) of cultural World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO.
However, fewer people know that Spain boasts an attractive and competitive system of public universities that is chosen by more European exchange students than any other. Or that three of the most highly reputed business schools in the world are based in Madrid and Barcelona. These institutions offer programs both in English and Spanish, attracting students from all over the world, and making Spain the country with the highest number of business schools ranked in the European top-10 league.

Did you know that Spain has…?

  • The world's largest garment company (Inditex, owner of Zara) with more than 6.000 stores worldwide.
  • Europe’s leading telecom group by turnover.
  • The largest bank in the Eurozone.
  • The world’s largest civil engineering company is Spanish. Sacyr is the company leading the world’s current largest infrastructure project: the extension of the Panama Canal.
  • Over 40% of the main transport concessions in the world are managed by Spanish companies.

Technology for a better life:

Did you know that Spain is …?

  • Europe’s leader in composite materials for aerospace.
  • A leading power in biotechnology.
  • The world’s leader in water recycling and treatment and in thermal-solar energy.
  • Europe’s number one country in wind power production, having reached the absolute world record of any of the top 25 largest countries by having a peak of 70% of total electrical consumption coming from wind power.

Quality of life:

Did you know that Spain …?

  • Hosts the world’s top ranked restaurant (and 3 in the top 10).
  • Is the world’s main exporter of fruit, vegetables and olive oil.
  • It dedicates more land to organic food production than any other European country.
  • Is the country in the EU with the lowest homicide rate, ranking first among 141 countries in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index.
  • Is the country chosen by expats as the best in the world for personal experience according to the prestigious HSBC annual report.
  • Leads the world in organ transplants.
  • Has the most encompassing and technologically advanced institution to support the blind.
  • Is a country (ranked second in the world) showing solidarity with more than 13,000 missionaries volunteering help the poorest around the world.
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